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An aberrant is a creature that, due to drellisian radiation, is born with various physical and genetic anomalies that make the creature unique. Aberrants vary in the degree of their mutations and many are so different that they are not considered members of their own race.

An aberrant’s mutations may be beneficial or harmful to the subject in question. Some examples of aberrant anomalies are as follows : dense muscle tissue, thick skin, hair and eye color variations, extreme variations in size and weight, extreme intelligence, magical resistance, immunity to poisons, wings, rapid healing, etc.

Some aberrant conditions show up again and again and form an entire class of aberrant beings, such as the etherbanes or the giants. About one birth in one hundred will result in an aberrant. For more information on aberrants, see aberration.

An aberrant is not always a genetic freak. Often times, the individual may be just a little bit smarter, a little bit stronger, than is normal for their race. About one in 10 aberrants will be markedly different with sufficient variations from the norm that they are considered a different race.


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