The World Of Khoras - Physical World

The Sundering and the resulting ecological changes that resulted were many. One of the most significant effects is what scholars call aberration. That is, the effect that the Sundering and subsequent Drellis Effect had and still does have on all living creatures. Starting in the Great War and continuing through the Age of Sorrow, the magical energies from the sun and in the world caused drastic evolutionary spurts and mutations. Many species began to change, evolve and diverge at a substantially accelerated pace. This would later be the reason why so many new races had suddenly appeared in the short span of less than 2000 years. Aberration began during the World Storm, but was most pronounced during the Great War and the Age of Sorrow. Aberration slowly dwindled during the Age of Rebirth and has faded, but many scholars believe it is still present in the world and is responsible for the birth of aberrants - creatures which exhibit unique physical, mental or magical characteristics. Such a characteristic might be an obvious deformity or a subtle insanity. Some are born with innate magical abilities while others have not a spark of essence within them. There seems to be no pattern.

Aberration occurs because tetrion particles from drellisian radiation interferes with the normal production of proteins during cellular mitosis. This cellular disruption introduces subtle mutations in cellular reproduction and biological growth. Over the centuries, this has resulted in a staggering variety of life. Species evolve much more rapidly than they would normally, branch off into subspecies regularly and often produce aberrants, creatures which are unique genetic anomalies and don’t really belong to any race. About 1 in 100 organisms will turn out to be an aberrant. Conversely, about 25% of every species is unaffected by the radiation and develops normally and without mutations. This explains why many core species of gone unaffected for thousands of years (humans, horses, frogs, wasps, etc.).


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