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The Wind Plains collectively refers to the broad grasslands that separate the Fekwar Mountains from the southern coast of Qeshir. They are home to the Mytharians - a primitive human culture. These fearsome nomadic hunter/gatherers  fight from horseback with curved blades and short bows. Dozens of mytharian tribes wage war against each other and against their neighbors... the juenta kingdoms of the Broadlands, the encroaching Padashani and the Secambru giants to the east.

The Wind Plains are aptly named as winds are near constant here.The winds sweep in from the Henari Sea travelling north off the ocean and flow up northwest along the hills. A typical day will see a constant breeze of 10-20 kilometers an hour. Storms in the late summer and fall are common and may gust to 70 mph an hour in some areas.

The Wind Plains are home to the gutha, a species of giant flightless bird, related to the taruba of the west, but of larger size and rather dull plummage. Herds of black tailed elk are hunted by sadaks, fast plains predators that resemble something half way between canine and feline.


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