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The Great Ahtabi Desert is the largest desert in the world. This vast arid region consists of dry rocky badlands around the perimeter and endless sand dunes in the deep desert. Despite the harsh climate and dry conditions, a number of hardy plants and animals have successfully adapted to desert life.

Most travelers and caravans navigate around the great desert, for there is little reason to venture in. Travel through the desert is extremely difficult and it has no military, social or monetary value. Only the mysterious Guldra live in the deep desert. They seem content to be left alone. 

There are rumors of a race of desert giants that dwell in the deep wastes. If there are, it is likely they are descendants of the secambru giants from ages ago.

Also known as the Sea of Dunes, the Ahtabi desert is home to enormous sand dunes that rise hundreds of meters high. The deep desert is swept with fierce sand storms that can kill an exposed man. Sudden sandflows and sinkholes can swallow wagons whole with little warning. It is a dangerous region and the Ahtabi Desert has claimed thousands of lives over the centuries.


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