The World Of Khoras - Physical World - Mountains

The Hurael mountains are a long and winding range of peaks which stretch in a northwest direction from Fyrren's Wandering to the south border of the Iron States where they flow into the Shard Mountains. The Hurael are tall and rugged mountains, snow capped at their peaks and wreathed in green foothills around. They are home to much game which the magrakians and the Aukarians hunt. War bands of hyttar, driven by their trossoli masters, prowl the Huraels, making them somewhat dangerous. The Huraels are also home to a witch who is rumored to dwell in a great cave at the top of one of the mountains. From her mountain top, she calls down storms, holds court with giant eagles and foretells the future. It is likely that much of this is fiction, but some of the more superstitious magrakians swear it is true.


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