The World Of Khoras - Physical World - Mountains

The Gulhunag Mountains are known for very steep cliffs on the south side, some of the steepest cliffs in the world, which border the Briny Sea. This coastline has a number of narrow fjords and deep channels. Most of these are large and deep enough for a ship to hide in. There is one particularly steep rocky seacoast cliff known as "The Gulhunag Wall". It is the tallest, steepest cliff in the world measuring over a kilometer tall and more than 12 kilometers long. This sheer wall of stone is considered one of the great wonders of the world.

The Sybrenar military maintains several permanent fortresses and dozens of small mobile encampments scattered throughout the Gulhunag Mountains. They use some of the more rugged regions for training purposes. There are several sybrenar iron mines in the western end of this mountain range.

These mountains are also home to a dragon, the great beast known as Chardumort.


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