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Gems and Precious Stones

As on Earth, a staggering variety of precious gems and stones can be unearthed. Emeralds, rubies and diamonds are all found here with the same composition and crystalline structure, but each type of stone can appear with many different colors, qualities, sizes and imperfections. In addition, a variety of stones unique to Khoras can be found. This is especially true on Khoras where exceptions seem to be the rule. The following lists some of the more interesting stones and gems of Khoras.

Cat's Eye Cat's Eye
A smooth stone of brown and tan swirls with a linear mineral deposit that look's like a feline eye.
Dragonstar Dragonstar
A magnificent green stone with a rayed center of blue.
Fire Agate Fire Agate (Firestone)
A brilliant red and orange stone that captures and plays with light. A favorite among the wealthy. Also known as Firestones.
Fire Opal

Blood Opal
A beautiful, deep red gemstone often worked into rings and other jewelry. Blood Opal's are amazingly consistent in their color and clarity.

Skystone Sky Stone
A beautiful translucent blue gemstone that will glow brightly for several minutes after being exposed to sunlight.
Sunstone Sunstone
Another beautiful translucent crystal-like gemstone. This stone is easily recognizable by its brilliant yellow color.

A pale blue crystal that forms naturally with a rippled surface appearing like water. Because of this, the gem is almost never cut or faceted.

Cirilite Fire Ruby
A magnificent "gem" of brilliant orange yellow color which is actually a hardened lump of resin taken from the abdomen of a rare insect called a "firewisp". The insect is native to Qeshir. Fire rubies are greatly valued. These precious stones are collected by many races and traded between realms. The Aukarians, in particular, favor these gems and many Aukarian noble women find them quiet fashionable.


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