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Bendothi is the secret magical coding system used by the powerful Black Sorcerers of Duthelm. This elite group of spell casters jealously guard their code. It is only taught to members of the guild and it is said that various magical means have been incorporated to protect it. This code has not be deciphered by Rukemian Empire. The mages of Rukemia greatly desire to translate this code as it would be a tremendous benefit the Empire.

There are two known renegade mages who have knowledge of this code. One is a Black Sorcerer, a human male named Jagsan, who fled Duthelm and is now on the run. The other is an independent sorcerer, an elven sorcereress named Eljana, who claims to have successfully broken the code, although some doubt her claim. In any case, both of these spellcasters are being hunted by agents of the Black Sorcerers.

Bendothi is a complex code consisting of some 248 individual characters that have very specific meanings and quantities. Below is just a small sample of the entire Bendothi code.

Sample of Bendothi Magical Script


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