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Korumoch's School of Wizarding

Full Name Korumoch's School of Wizarding
Location Bathynia
Head Master Headmaster Halwyn Culain
Number of Students/Faculty/Staff 32/5/3
Demographics Human 90%, Elven 15%, Dwarven 10%,  Grum 5%
Languages Bathyn
Year Founded 2240 CY
Wealth Average
Entrance Requirements Sponsorship
Curriculum General magic.
Yearly Tuition 100 gold lords per year (or equivalent)
Arcane Coding Systems Used Inedka

Korumoch's School of Wizarding is a very small school in the town of Korumoch in Bathynia. It is the pride of clan Dunbar. Every mage of any appreciable power that has come out of Bathynia was taught at this school. The school accepts applicants from other nearby lands. Elves from Ithell, dwarves from Uthran, grum from Jannerus and even a few humans from Kalimura have all come to study here.

The Bathyns themselves are not particularly known for their mages. They are a warrior people known for horsemanship and archery. However, the Bathyns do have a few wizards, most of whom come from Clan Dunbar (and more specifically, from this school).

This school was founded by the wizard Korumoch in 2240 CY. He served as headmaster for 50 years, until he died at the age of 107. Since that time, the school has had nine head masters. The current headmaster is Halwyn Culain, a cousin to the chieftain of the Dunbar clan. Halwyn Culain is a balding man of seventy years who walks with the aid of an oaken stave. He is a fragile looking man with a slim build. However, his magic is said to be frighteningly powerful and he is no one to trifle with.

The school itself is a league outside of the town of Korumoch. It is a large four story stone building, weather worn and well aged. Ivy creeps up the rough stone walls. Two wings flank a small courtyard on one side. With the building, the school owns several dozen acres, including a well, a small forest to the north, an orchard, several cows and goats and a dozen bee hives.

Historically, Bathynian wizards have been talented in something they call "nature magic". Natural magic is precisely what this school focuses on. Students of Korumoch's learn spells of weather control, communicating with animals, controlling plants, purifying water, neutralizing poisons, healing injuries, summoning woodland creatures as allies and wielding the elements as weapons. They are also very skilled in alchemy and learn to brew many useful potions.

Korumoch's admits about 4 to 5 new students each year and each year, typically only three will graduate.


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