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"Magic is understanding the infinite complexity of existence. It is Nature and Life in one. It is Order within Chaos and Chaos within Order. And there is only one place in all the world that you can find it... within yourself ".

The Vorkayne Philosophies, Chapter VII, Section 6, Verse 71

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Magic is a force of Nature. Like gravity or inertia, it is bound by physical laws as are all aspects of the universe. In the simplest terms, magic is an energy field which spans the universe... a field of energy intertwined with all things - every object, creature and bit of matter in the Universe. Magic seems to be particularly tied to the life energy of living beings - every plant, every animal, every part of an ecosystem - contributes to this force of Magic. In a sense, life is magic and magic is life.

Since the dawn of time, the races have been aware of magic. Some cultures worship magic, others fear it. Through the ages, it has given countless names: mana, chi, tao, essence, akasa, ethereality, ley lines and a hundred other appellations. On Khoras, in the city of Arcanum, the city mages call it "the Great Flow". No matter how it is named, only one thing matters... Magic is real. To those who master it, magic is a powerful weapon, a sure defense, a trusted ally and a finely crafted art.

Magic is as vast and complex as any pursuit of science. While a single spell may be mastered, the bewildering array of forces that shape the universe are limitless and unfathomable to mortal man. Even the greatest mages grasp only a fragment of the whole. Even the wisest sorcerer can conceive a mere shadow of the truth. 

Fortunately for mortals, this is enough to wield magic and to influence their world with it. While no man can truly master magic, individual spells can be learned and rendered predictably. Magic, much like science and the other forces of the universe, follow predictable laws. Laws which can be measured, analyzed and deciphered. These laws can then be expressed in the language of arcane mathematics. Thus, magic can be controlled. Spells can be understood, written down and passed on. In this way is magic a part of the civilized world and so has it shaped history.


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