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Alliance Magic and Artifacts from the Great War

During the Third Age (which historians refer to as the Rise of the Alliance), a powerful group known as the Alliance rose to a position of power within the Thullian Empire which ruled most of eastern Ithria. This group was a large organization which controlled vast resources, enjoyed political power and was ruled by a group of elite spell casters called Mage Lords.

Alliance magic, and the magic of their contemporaries, was unlike anything modern mages have. Alliance Mage Lords were incredibly powerful sorcerers - almost godlike. They routinely cast spells that modern wizards can only dream of. The apex of their magical power was a single enchantment called the Focusing. This one spell was more powerful than any magic that had ever been attempted. It required the combined powers of hundreds of Mage Lords. By uniting their magical strength and utilizing "the Core" (a 50-ton block of methkari crystal which focused the magic), the Alliance was able to craft a spell which was held the power to reshape the world. And reshape the world they did. The Focusing was a failed spell - a catastrophe which resulted in the sun being split into two separate stars. The resulting ecological effects were cataclysmic and wreaked havoc across the entire planet. Such was the power of these wizards.

The failure of the Focusing, the Sundering of the sun, the World Storm and the Great War were a chain of events set in motion by these powerful, but ultimately mortal, men. During all of this, the nations and wizards of the world fought. New spells were developed, new weapons were crafted and horrible plagues were unleashed. Nothing inspires innovation like a war. Out of all this chaos, few things survived. However, every now and then, a relic from the Great War will be unearthed. Such items are prized above all others. These "Alliance Artifacts" are vastly more powerful than anything that today's wizards can produce. They are rare and each has a name and a legendary history.

How Magic Is Viewed By The World Today

The events which the Alliance set in motion played out on a grand scale. Because of their arrogance and poor judgment, a cataclysm raged across the world. It was quickly followed by the worst war that anyone had ever seen. These events were a very long time ago. Many centuries have passed. But even now, the tragedy of that Age is passed down in histories and bard's tales, myth and legend. The world has not forgotten.

Because of history, one might expect that magic and mages would be hated and feared. Historically, this has played itself out somewhat differently. Tolerance for supernatural things varies greatly from region to region. This is partly due to cultural variations and partly due to the enormous migrations that have occurred in the intervening centuries. In most lands, the uneducated commoners are fearful of magic and suspicious of wizards in general. At the same time, many nobles will be fascinated by magic and will often dabble in the arts of spell craft, but few will acquire any skill.

As always, there are exceptions. Carrikos and Corvenia are obviously quite tolerant of mages while Kalimura all but bans them. Vorrik views mages suspiciously as they trust cold steel more than vaporous energies. The Borrellians are suspicious of southern wizards, but tolerant of their own hatraddi. The bathyns are suspicious of magic and wizards in general. The myrians hate non-myrian spellcasters. Duthelm values its wizards and has a small wizard's school. Ithell is tolerant of wizardry and also has a good wizard's school.


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