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Category Tool
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

Due to the nature of this object, it can appear as almost any small metallic object. However, most of the time, it appears as a large silver spoon.


Created at least five centuries ago as a lock-picking tool for thieves. According to some tales, it was the wizard Vendaulph, who was also a master thief.


Alloy is an intelligent, self-aware, shape-changing tool. It can form itself into virtually any small metal device, tool or instrument. Although Alloy is intelligent, he has a bad attitude. To get him to shape change, you have to "will" it into that shape.  But it will resist (Alloy is lazy and doesn't like to work). Transforming the tool into a new shape is usually a battle of wills between the tool and the user. The magic involved with its creation was slightly flawed, hence the battle of wills. 

Alley is ornery, particularly during the Drellis phrase. He is very smart, but cannot speak. He mimes a lot. He can also form letters (but is a terrible speller). He can hear and knows dozens of languages (he's been around for a long time). Alloy can be playful sometimes. Will occasionally leave master to go exploring. His "default" shape is a large spoon. Enjoys being polished. Can form any shape imagined.  

Alloy was intended to be the ultimate lock picking tool for thieves. He is not very good at picking locks by himself. He lacks the strength which is often necessary to move internal parts of a lock. He does, however, add a large bonus to any thief's attempt to pick a lock or disarm a trap. (Only if the user and tool work together). 

Alloy has had many masters over the years. Usually, there is a "braking in" period during which the user must fight with Alloy and win him over.

Drellis Effect Response

Will not function during a Drellis dominant stellar phase. During such times, Alloy is effectively dormant and locked into his last shape.




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