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The Codex of Oramon


Other Names Yagrax's Tome
Category Text
Magical Strength Major

Physical Description

This monstrous tome is bound in black leather. It is 2' wide, 3' tall and about 8" thick. On its cover is burnt the following phrase : Yagrax Oraman. This ancient tome is shrouded by an almost palpable cloud of evil power. It almost hums and crackles with magical energy.


This ancient book of evil was created by the Mage Lord Yagrax Oramon during the Age of Dreams. The Codex has been spotted in different places around the realms over the centuries. It has turned up in the ancient nation of Drak’neufir, the Isles of Woe which it subsequently destroyed and elsewhere. Its current whereabouts are unknown to the world.


Merely touching this cursed tome is dangerous. Those who are weak of body or mind are often slain outright. Those who are weak of spirit are enslaved and become withered creatures, mindless guardians of the tome. The rare few who stand up to the power of the tome become the Master if no current master exists. If a master does exist, his slayer becomes the new master. The Master of the Codex is a withered corpse like creature whose spirit has been twisted to evil by the power of this book. Most Masters become insane and will yearn to be with the great book at all times, never leaving it. They become protective and paranoid in the extreme.

Using the Codex, the Master can communicate with any intelligent language-using creature. It translates text written within it to any language desired. It also answers questions penned within its pages. It can create maps instantly if a title is given.

The primary function of the Codex is magical transportation. In effect, this book can cast any transportation based spell - dimensional doors, basic teleportation, interdimensional gates, astral projection and the like. It can be used to create permanent teleportation gates, dimensional rifts, folded space, etc. This power can only be controlled by a true master. An arch mage could create many fabulous things, but a lesser mage would be driven mad. Anyone, no matter what their power, will eventually be dominated by this book.

Drellis Effect Response

The Codes of Oramon is unaffected by stellar phases.




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