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Pilfering Ring of Mallaked

Other Names Mallaked's Iron Ring of Far Reaching
Category Miscellaneous
Magical Strength Major

Physical Description

Appears as an forged iron ring about 20 cm in diameter. A hairline crack runs along all the way around the ring in the middle. This device is actually two iron rings mated together. The hairline crack is where they touch. The rings fit together and lock in place. With a twist and a pull, they come apart.


The story goes that a thief named Mallaked and several partners were plundering the tomb of a warlord who had died centuries before. A trap set off brought the entire tomb crashing in around them forcing a rapid retreat. Mallaked, in the midst of trying to figure out how to cross a 15 foot gap to reach a fabulous jeweled statue, was forced to leave also. He regretted not being able to claim his prize simply because it had been out of his reach, yet so tantalizingly close. He vowed never to be out of reach of any prize again. He commissioned a wizard to create his "pilfering rings". Upon his death, it is likely that the rings were stolen by a fellow thief and has likely been passing through the hands of many thieves over the years.


The primary function of the two rings is to open up a short range dimensional distortion between the two rings. When they are separated, anything passing through one ring will appear through the other. For instance, if you stick your arm through one ring, your arm will come out of the other ring, regardless of where the two rings are. Which side does of the silver ring does the arm image from? It depends on which side of the gold ring you put your arm into. Each ring has an inner and outer face. The inner faces are linked as are the outer faces.

If the gold ring is held by the hand, the silver ring can be made to levitate and fly about. It requires only mental concentration. The original function of this device was to be used to reach things out of reach. It can be used to send the silver ring to a distant object and then reach an arm through to reach the object. It can also be used to bring objects to the user by levitating the far ring under a waterfall, or over an object or around a lever, for instance.

In all ways, the dimensional distortion acts as if the two rings were actually fitted together as one. All laws of physics, inertia and such,  are maintained through the dimensional distortion. Everything passing through one ring emerges through the other. This includes gases, air, water... even light. By levitating the silver ring away from himself and peering through the gold ring, objects will appear as if you were peering through the silver ring.

Mental control of the silver ring works only as long as the user can see the silver ring. If sight of the silver ring is blocked or obscured, the silver ring will stop and simply hover. The silver ring will hover indefinitely until sight and mental control are re-established.

Drellis Effect Response

Will not function during a Drellis dominant stellar phase.




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