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Crystal Singer

Other Names The Bard's Crystal, Song Disc
Category Miscellaneous
Magical Strength Minor

Physical Description

This beautiful work of art appears as a small disc carved from a pure crystal. The crystal is translucent and its color seems to shift between blue and purple. It is about 1" thick and 6" in diameter. On one side, a harp is carved in bas relief. Carved on the other side is a flute.


The legendary mage, Kurmok, was also a jilted lover. The elven maiden he desired loved another, a half-elven bard. She was a great lover of music and was enthralled by the bard and his talent. She returned all of Kurmok’s letters unopened, his poems unread. Because he could not have his heart’s desire, Kurmok went mad with frustration. From his madness came the creation known as the Bard Crystal. Kurmok fashioned the piece, captured and slew the half-elven bard and thrust his victim’s soul into the item. When the mage presented the horrific gift to the maiden, she was at first delighted that Kurmok shared her love of music. But one of Kurmok’s apprentices knew of the terrible deed and could not live with the guilt. He told the maiden the truth and she was devastated. She sat alone in her bed chamber, cradling the crystal and weeping. The next morning, her attendants found her dead, a dagger thrust into her heart by her own hand. When Kurmok learned of this, he lost all control. After vaporizing the loose tongued apprentice, Kurmok stole the crystal back from the maiden’s family, set fire to his lab and fled into the night. Kurmok was never seen again. The Crystal Singer, or Bard Crystal as it is known, in Arkalia, has surfaced from time to time in different nations.


All of the crystal’s functions relate to music and sound. Its abilities are as follows :

1. The crystal can accompany a musician with its own music. The crystal displays marginal sentience in this respect. The crystal plays a counter melody or harmony to the music being played by the possessor. The possessor can also have the crystal accompany another musician.

2. The crystal can play any piece of music or create any sound that the possessor can imagine. The possessor must merely think and the crystal will respond. No limitations apply, except that the crystal does have a maximum volume. (About equal to a man singing loudly).

3. The crystal can "record" any sound the possessor can hear. The crystal can later play back any recorded sound. The crystal can also filter out sounds, combine recordings, anything the possessor can imagine.

Drellis Effect Response

Will not function during a Drellis dominant stellar phase.




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