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Spider Bane

Other Names Aracon, Arachnophian Ring
Category Jewelry
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

This exquisitely crafted ring is made of the purest mithril and a single star sapphire. It is formed to resemble a spider whose eight legs curl down forming a tube through which the finger fits. The head of the spider sports two small fangs. The large multi-faceted star sapphire forms the spider’s abdomen.


This ring was created by the elven mage, Phyllex, for his friend and adventuring comrade, Perrine. Despite his prowess with the warhammer, Perrine was terrified of all manner of spiders. He also was greatly bothered by insects on expeditions. So Phyllex created this piece of jewelry. The last function in the ring was created because a respected fortune teller told Perrine that he when he died, he would do so because he was alone. The prophecy did come true. Perrine simply was not wearing the ring when he died. And so he truly was alone.


This ring generates an energy field in a 10 meter radius about the ring. This field interferes with the neuro-electrical activity present in all life forms. It is only strong enough to kill very small animals. It quickly and efficiently slays all insects, spiders, etc., but a mouse is too large.

The wearer’s courage is bolstered and the wearer is immune to fear that is in any way associated with spiders or insects.

One last function was programmed into the ring. This function is usable only once. The wearer must call out the name of the ring, Aracon, while willing the final function to begin. Once this is done, the ring becomes an animated mithril and sapphire spider. It crawls off the finger, grows to a one ton mass and defends the ring wearer. This final function has never been used and no one knows what the exact effects will be.

Drellis Effect Response

This ring is unaffected by the stellar phases.




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