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Melkarn's Mind Medallions

Other Names Rune Medallions
Category Jewelry
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

Each of these medallions are made of pure onyx. There are twelve of them. On the front are twelve small runes inscribed in ivory. On the back, is a large symbol (one of the twelve). Each medallion has a different rune on back.


These medallions were originally created prior to the Sundering by the Traxxian sorcerer Melkarn. They survived the Great War and have passed from nation to nation many times. Often, they are scattered far and wide, but due to the locating function of the medallions, a powerful group often finds one and then tracks down the others until it has a complete set. Therefore, it is likely that they will be encountered as a set.


These medallions serve as communicators to the other medallions in the set. The set has twelve medallions total. If a medallion is worn, the following functions can be activated.

1. Telepathic communication with any other medallion wearer. This can be to a specific medallion or to several or all. There is no range limitation.

2. Empathic (emotional) communication. This also has no range limitation and can be broadcast to all, several, one or none. This is a backup means of communication if a common language is not shared.

3. The wearer can concentrate and "feel" the direction and distance to any other medallion, whether it is being worn or not.

4. Clairvoyance and clairaudience on the immediate surroundings of any other medallion, regardless if it is being worn or not.

Drellis Effect Response

Will not function during a Drellis dominant stellar phase.




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