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Lore Ring

Other Names None
Category Jewelry
Magical Strength Major

Physical Description

A lore ring looks like a simple band of silver with a name etched into the outer surface of the ring and a small green gemstone. The name is different for each lore ring.


No one knows how many of these rings still exist. Dozens have been created in the five centuries that the Lore Masters have existed, but each ring functions for only 100 years. It is likely that at any one point in history, there are perhaps two dozen lore rings in existence. Suffice to say that these rings are relatively rare. These rings are created by the Lore Masters of Ithell. Whenever a Lore Master dies, his spirit is magically placed into a lore ring. Every Lore Master accepts this fate as part of their job.


When a lore master spirit is placed in a lore ring, all of his knowledge is also placed in the ring.  In the form of a lore ring, the essence of the lore master’s mind and spirit are magically linked to the Lore Masters minds and their books. The ring has complete access to all information in the Lore Master’s Fortress. A lore ring obeys the instructions of whoever wears the ring and will answer any question to the best of its ability. The spirit of the lore ring will even go so far as to peruse the library at the Lore Masters and research whatever topic the ring master desires. The spirit of a lore ring will only perform research and is incapable of any other task. The ring is sentient because the Lore Master maintains his personality. Therefore, the Ring is capable of carrying on conversations on a wide variety of topics. The spirit of a Lore Ring is usually an elderly male with a life time of academic study to offer. It is not unusual for such a ring to offer fatherly advice, give warnings, tell stories, give stern lectures and generally prattle on endlessly.

A lore ring can hear what is going on around it and speak with a voice that is audible to all (the voice of the lore master who resides within the ring).

Drellis Effect Response

A lore ring will not function during a Drellis dominant stellar phase. Although the spirit can continue perusing the library and gather information, it will not be able to communicate with and "report back" on any findings until the Drellis phase is over.


A lore ring will function for exactly one century at which time the Lore Master's soul is released to find its final rest. The Ring then becomes non-magical and non-functioning. The Lore Master is aware of how much time he "has left" in the ring and the wearer may simply ask.


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