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Zurnod's Iron Sphere of Nullification

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Category Device
Magical Strength Strong

Physical Description

This device appears as a large iron sphere built from many different pieces of iron and mechanical parts bolted and welded together. A bluish glow is apparent along seams and vents hinting at some tremendous power source within. The sphere is carried around within a container device – a solid metal and crystalline container with four brackets that clutch the sphere tightly within. The outer casing has a handle and a lever.


Crafted 300 years ago by the great arcanologist Zurnod, perhaps the greatest such wizard of the ages, this strangely wrought talisman was held by the Drakkellian Guild of Sorcery for almost a full century before it was purloined in a daring robbery. Seen briefly in Kalimura during the Festival of Fools, it later found its way into the trophy room of an Ithellian noble only to once again be stolen. None can say who now possesses the Sphere.


If the lever is turned, the brackets disengage, the bottom of the casing opens and the sphere drops out. Once the sphere is “deployed”, it begins to hum and vibrate. By some unknown means, the sphere draws all magical energy in to it, feeding itself. As it builds up power, the sphere will neutralize all magic within the immediate area. Magic items will begin to lose power as their energy is sucked away. Automatons will be drained. Spells will warp, fizzle and fail. It will continue to dampen the area in an anti-magic field as long as it is out of its container. The container is designed such that it can easily be placed over the sphere and re-engage “containment”.

Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by the Drellis effect and will function normally during any stellar phase.




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