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Normidian Stun Staff

Other Names Stun Stick
Category Device
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

The Normidian Stun Staff comes in many shapes and sizes. A typical staff is six feet long and fashioned from iron wood or stout oak. The head of the staff is built around a central crystal. The overall design of the staff is rugged. Some stun staves are built of metal and can be taken apart and rebuilt. The top part of the staff including the head and crystal can be rotated.

Normidian stun sticks are often quite decorative, with geometric patterns and ancient irenni runes running along the length of the shaft. A common motif involves the head of the staff carved into the likeness of a reptilian head clutching the crystal in its mouth. Another common decoration is three colored feathers tied around the neck of the shaft.

The crystal is often long and pointed. In some cases, it will be quite sharp and some are even serrated. The staff can be wielded like a quarter staff and the sharp crystalline tip makes an effective stabbing weapon.


It is not known what wizard built the first stun staff, but the weapon proved very effective in Normidian torgat hunting. The concept of the stun staff has spread and now dozens of wizards in Normidia manufacture them. They are exceptionally popular in Normidia where they are utilized by hunters on many expeditions and even by some guards and mercenaries. Outside of Normidia, the stun stick is less frequently seen.


The Normidian stun stave is a single shot, high powered weapon that unleashes a tremendous flash of energy in the shape of a great cone of light. A tremendous amount of energy is stored in the crystal and all of this energy is released at once. When the staff is triggered (typically by rotating the head mechanism or a metal shaft around the middle),  it unleashes a blinding pulse of white energy in a narrow cone. This energy beam is accompanied by an ear splitting "boom". It is not a quiet or a subtle weapon. Indeed, this weapon shakes the ground when fired.

This weapon is specifically designed for hunting torgats and other very large game animals. A direct hit with this staff at close range will stun a torgat for up to a full minute. The torgat often collapses and is essentially helpless during which time the hunters will spear it. A stun staff is even more effective against smaller targets. A human sized opponent is typically knocked clean off his feet and rendered unconscious for several hours.

Drellis Effect Response

This stun staff is affected by the stellar phases. During a Karrym dominant phase, it is about 50% more powerful. In a Drellis dominant phase, it operates at about half power. Also, during a Drellis dominant phase, there is a 20% chance the device will malfunction and the crystal will explode, releasing its energy in all directions and stunning anyone within 10 meters, including the wielder of the staff.


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