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Keijem's Iron Staff of Flame

Other Names Keijem's Infernal Staff
Category Device
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

This magnificent staff is 2 meters long and forged from some unknown red metal. It is carved in the likeness of dragon scales. The head of the staff is shaped like a dragon's head with gaping maw. The other end is a coiled serpent's tail. The metal of this staff is very warm to the touch and radiates heat constantly.


There are several stories that reference a "fire mage" named Keijem. Although these tales often conflict, the general consensus is that Keijem lived during the 10th century during the Age of Rebirth. The most prominent story tells that Keijem created the stave to aid him on a great quest to the north to rescue his daughter from the barbarians of icy Borrell. The staff has turned up in different treasure hordes,


All of the wonderful magical effects conjured by this staff are related to fire and heat. It's primary power is to bring forth a blast of fiery dragon's breath. Upon command, the dragon's maw will let loose a stream of fire. This burst has a range of 8 meters. This effect can be used seven times a day. Once per day, the staff can be commanded to unleash a ball of fire. This ball of fire flies from the dragon's maw at great speed. Once the fireball hits a solid surface, it explodes in a cloud of fire and a tremendous dull roar. Once per day, it can emit a great cloud of steam. This can be maintained for several minutes which will fill a huge area with foggy steam. (About 10,000 cubic meters). And finally, once per day, the staff can spit forth a splatter of corrosive acidic gel. This gel will eat through flesh and bone, steel and stone.

While holding this staff, the possessor is immune to cold based attacks, frost bite and other perils of the cold.

Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by the Drellis effect and will function normally during any stellar phase.




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