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The Avisarr

Other Names None
Category Artifact
Magical Strength Artifact

Physical Description

The Avisarr is a flawless fist sized gemstone of deep green color. It's surface is slightly rippled. The symbol of Ynthar is scored into the gemstone (the lines are actually blackened and charred crystal). Although the gemstone looks to be emerald, it is of an unknown crystalline substance.


Virtually nothing is known of the origins or history of the Avisarr. There are fragments of Draxorithian lore that suggest the Avisarr itself is from the deepest pits of Hell or some other dark corner of the multiverse. The Avisarr was held for centuries in Duthelm. In 2563 CY, the Avisarr, in combination with dark unspeakable rituals, was used to summon the great and terrible demon lord Draxorith to the this world. For seven years, the forces of Duthelm, led by Draxorith and wielding the power of the Avisarr, waged war upon all the eastern nations. In 2570 CY, in a climactic battle, Draxorith was banished and the Avisarr was lost. This pivotal moment ended the war and swung the balance of power in eastern Ithria. A political and military stalemate developed between Duthelm and its neighboring nations.

The current whereabouts of the Avisarr are unknown, but the Church of Draxorith and the Knights of the Abyss continue to this day to search for it tirelessly.


The Avisarr is an artifact steeped in mystery and is said to be very powerful. It is somehow connected to the Church of Draxorith and the Black Sorcerers, although rumor, myth and legend conflict on many details. The Avisarr itself reveals little that it does not want to. Divination spells targeting the Avisarr, indirectly or directly, will be "absorbed".

The Avisarr likely has many other powers, both lesser and greater. The priests of this faith and the Knights of the Abyss have been seen to use the Avisarr to power their spells, to divine secrets, to drive back enemy armies, to commune with their lord and to invoke "miracles". Little else is known of this mysterious gemstone.

Drellis Effect Response

This Avisarr functions normally during all stellar phases.


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