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Elixir of Wound Purging

Appearance A thick golden swirling liquid that glows brightly.
Formula Dispersion Limited. Known to only a few wizards, guilds and schools.
Frequency Rare
Formula Complexity Complex
Critical Ingredients Razorbat Blood, Morphian Stone
Preparation Time Four to six weeks.
Market Value 1000 gold pieces per dose.
Half Life None.
Toxicity Low

Physical Description

This rare potion appears as a thick, swirling golden fluid which glows brightly. It seems to be two separate fluids of slightly differently color and density that are continuously churning and mixing together. Even if left undisturbed, it maintains this churning appearance. This internal mixing seems to be a function of the magic of this elixir. It can be found in a variety of containers, but usually is well protected. It has been found in stout, iron flasks with wax covered corks. It has also been found in slender crystalline bottles (where the crystal was enchanted to be stronger than steel). The potion glows brightly enough to be used as a dim light source. The liquid itself has no smell or taste at all. 


It is widely believed by most scholars that this powerful healing potion was created by one of the Mage Lords. It certainly has several of the hallmarks of Alliance spellcraft. It is a potent elixir with a complicated formula. It requires powerful spells to be cast over it as part of the manufacturing process. Such magic can only be performed by a skilled wizard. For these reasons, it is a rare elixir and when a bottle comes to market, it commands high prices. The formula and spells needed to brew it have been passed down through the generations as a closely guarded secret. The unusual name (unusual because this elixir does much more than cure wounds) has been passed down through history with the formula. The origin of the name is unknown. There are only a handful of wizards and sorcery guilds capable of brewing this potion.


When this potion is consumed, the user will feel a rush of warmth through the body. It immediately cures all wounds, diseases and infestations. It purges the body of toxins and poisons. It dispels exhaustion and intoxication. It refreshes, revives and sustains. In all ways, it instantly restores the imbiber to perfect health and vigor. The magic of this potion lingers for awhile, granting the user rapid regeneration. For approximately 5 minutes after consuming this drink, wounds will regenerate instantly. The effect gradually wears off and after the 5 minutes are up, wounds resume healing at their normal rate.

As it seems to have been designed to work primarily with humans, the restorative magic of this potion works only on mammals. It has no effect on undead, automatons or other artificial life forms. More importantly, it does not work with insects, reptiles, avians and so forth. As a consequence of this limitation, it will not work on avarians, saurians, hurkyte, karthasians and other non-mammalian lifeforms.

It should also be noted that Elixir of Wound Purging has no known half life. In other words, it does not break down or lose its potency with age. Bottles which have been stored for many decades will still be completely effective.

Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by the Drellis effect and will function normally during any stellar phase.


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