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Revel's Bane

Appearance Pale, thick white liquid.
Formula Dispersion Widely dispersed.
Frequency Common
Formula Complexity Simple
Critical Ingredients  
Preparation Time 24 hours
Market Value 10 gold pieces per single dose bottle
Half Life Two weeks.
Toxicity None.

Physical Description

Revel's Bane appears as a silvery white thick liquid. It has no discernable smell or flavor. It is brewed by many different wizards and may be found in a variety of different bottles. Because of the potency of the liquid, only a few drops are needed, so it is usually kept in small bottles.


Variations on the recipe have been passed down to for countless generations. There are several different stories relating to the origins of this formula, but no one really knows who first brewed it. It is now widespread and this formula is known to several wizard guilds and magic schools. This potion goes by many names. In the south, it is called Revel’s Bane. In the east, it is called Pirate’s Regret and in the north it goes by Fool’s Reward.


If a few drops are consumed, it will completely neutralize intoxication, drug effects and even cure a few mild poisons. The effects are quite rapid, taking only about 10 minutes. Profuse sweating and a pounding headache are common side effects.

Drellis Effect Response

This potion will not function during a Drellis phase.


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