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Appearance Thick brown frothy liquid.
Formula Dispersion Limited. Known to only a few wizards, guilds and schools.
Frequency Rare
Formula Complexity Complex
Critical Ingredients Battlespice, Clawtree Resin, Hull Spider Heart, Sandshifter Mites
Preparation Time One month.
Market Value 300 gold pieces per dose.
Half Life Three years.
Toxicity Moderate

Physical Description

Battledraught is a thick brown liquid with a cream colored froth. It is often mistaken for a stout ale. Although the container may vary, it is usually found in small, single doses amounts because the dosage is so critical. Often, these single dose bottles bottles will be in a sturdy, compartmentalized container that stores 8 jars.


Battledraught was originally created during the Great War by the Traxx Legion. It was a powerful potion capable of granting extraordinary regenerative ability. Those who took it become invincible as wounds were healed as fast as they were inflicted. unfortunately, it's development appeared too late in the war to change the course of events. The formula was lost in a fire, but was reconstructed by memory by Hundold the Noble, a Traxxian wizard. It is widely believed that the formula was reconstructed incorrectly. The formula that was passed down through the years since the Great War is an excellent potion, but is no where nearly as potent as the original was reputed to be. The potion, as it is known today, is familiar to only a few guilds and powerful wizards.

Based on a few ancient historical records, there are some wizards who believe that a copy of the original formula may have survived the war in the Traxxian castle of Imrattar. Although that location was searched to know avail, believers contend that the original formula is out there and only waits to be found again.


This impressive potion causes accelerated healing in the imbiber. All healing occurs at approximately 5000 times normal rate. Minor cuts and bruises will fade in seconds. Broken bones and other serious wounds will heal in minutes. No matter how badly a warrior is hurt, if he can crawl away from a battle, this potion will have him back to full strength in less than an hour. The magic of this potion ceases the instant the heart stops. It only accelerates the rate of natural healing. It does not cause the vital organs to reanimate after they have stopped. If the warrior dies, the potion cannot bring him back. However, if something else were to revive the warrior, the battle draught would again begin to accelerate his healing. (Exact effects are up to the game master).

A single dose lasts for 8 hours. Additional doses will have no effect other than to cause a variety of symptoms including blurred vision, ringing ears, headaches, shaking hands and vomiting. The severity of these symptoms increase with dosage. Taking more than 3 doses at once can cause severe convulsions and may even put the user in a temporary coma which can last for days.

While under the influence of this potion, the user is aging at an accelerated rate as well. After the magic of this potion has worn off (i.e. at the end of the 8 hours), the user will have aged 1% of his normal life span. For a human, this results in 6 months to a year of premature aging. This aging is permanent.

Drellis Effect Response

Battledraught is unaffected by Drellis and will work normally during any stellar phase.


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