The World Of Khoras - Civilization - Seafaring Ships

Mariner's Superstitions and Customs


Women aboard a ship are unlucky and anger the gods.

An unclothed woman on board will calm stormy seas. This is one reason why bowsprits are often carved as women with their breasts exposed.

It is unlucky to have a phellysian on board.

It is unlucky to launch on a ship on the first day of a Drellis phase.

It is unlucky to sail a ship on its maiden voyage on any day during which Drellis is dominant. Conversely, a maiden voyage conducted under the yellow sun will ensure the ship will enjoy good fortune throughout its career.

Always step onto the deck of a ship with your right foot first.

An albatross is good luck. Killing one is very bad luck.

A porpoise riding the waves at the bow of a ship ensure good luck.


When a ship is launched, a bottle of wine is poured upon the deck as a libation to the gods. It is not cleaned up.


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