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The ruins of Vessapol are impressive. Once a grand city, its ruins now stretch over 25 acres and include several remnants of buildings, overgrown roads, statues and fountains. Chief among the ruins are the great town hall which still stands three stories tall, an enormous cemetery, the burned out shell of what was once a great library, an overgrown garden in the north end, a public bathhouse and a city gate. Vessapol is probably best known for six squat round towers that surround a great central arena. The central field is sand covered and almost two full acres in size. The arena is near the heart of the city and is relatively intact.


The ruins of Vessapol are located between the eastern edge of Jannerus and the western foothills of the Sentinel Mountains. It is about two days ride from the town of Golden Fields.

Known History

Vessapol was a major city of the Traxx Legion during the height of the great war. It was home to several legions of soldiers and home to many garrisons and barracks. But it was also a city of culture. The great amphitheatre mentioned above was one of the largest in the Legion. At one time, this arena had many functions and was home to plays, scholarly debates and public announcements. It was also an arena where gladiators fought to the death.

In 335 CY, shortly before the end of the Great War, Vessapol was hit by a terrible plague (some say a weapon created by the Thullian Empire). About 80% of the population was killed, the remaining 20% fled. It is known that the wells and waters here were tainted for many years afterward. For over two centuries, merely walking into the city was risky and several attempts to repopulate the city ended badly. The city has been left untouched and fallen into ruin for more than 2000 years.

Vessapol Today

Most people today still consider the place tainted with disease and plague. Most sensible folk will go nowhere near it. Treasure seekers that do risk it will find the city looted bare.

The Gates of Tanjus

Within the rubble and ruins of what was once the Vessapol Guild of Wizardry, there is a great gate forged of rusted iron. This gate is known as the Gates of Tanjus. Carved into the gate, in bas relief, is a warrior princess. Once a living woman, she was incorporated into the magical construction of this gate as one of the spell components. Now, in her metal statue form, she sleeps. She awakens at the approach of any creature. She asks a riddle and if the riddle is solved she will open the gate and be freed. If the riddle is not solved, she demands a sacrifice of gold or magic. The item is added to the treasure trove beyond. If the gate is assaulted by steel or spell, she will step forth from the gate and fight those who attack. She is a formidable opponent in that she is a living metal statue and immuned to all but the most powerful spells and weapons.


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