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Phularn's Pass


Phularn's Pass appears as a vertical cluster of walls, towers and balconies stacked up against two facing cliff faces overlooking a steep pass. Gaping holes can be seen in the towering forts. The broken remnants of a covered bridge that once spanned between the two sides can be seen.


Phularn's Pass is located in the eastern Ice  Rock Mountains in Borrell.

Known History

This ancient ruin was once the northern most outpost of the Thullian Empire. It consisted of two large fortresses that were each built into the facing cliffs of a high mountain pass. This fortress guarded several nearby iron mines which were important to the Thullian Empire and served as a processing center. Raw ore was smelted in the first fortress in a shipped over to the second fortress through the bridge where the iron ore was fashioned into weapons and armor.

The fortress was commanded by Lord Phularn, a decorated war hero of the empire who had fallen out of favor and been assigned to this remote processing station as punishment. The rebellious commander became known for his drinking, his bold raids against nearby humanoid tribes and his bitterness toward the empire. Shortly before the Sundering, Commander Phularn stopped shipments to the empire and declared the fortress a free and independent city. The first military force sent by the empire to reclaim the fortress was decimated by Phularn's soldiers who were much more adapted to the arctic conditions. Phularn declared all lands around the pass under his control.

The pass soon became known as Phularn's Pass.

A second, much larger, military force was sent to recapture the fortress and they laid siege to it. The siege was in its 77th day when the Sundering hit. The initial shockwave of the Sundering set of a series of land quakes that rippled through the Ice Rock mountains. During the land quakes, the bridge of the fortress collapsed and nearly half of both fortresses crumbled. More than half of the siege army was wiped out along with many of Phularn's men were also killed in the collapse. The remaining soldiers fought amidst the wreckage of the fortress. Most died in the battle and the few remaining men fled into the mountains and most likely died of exposure.

Phularn's Pass Today

Only about 25% of the twin fortresses are still intact. Many chambers and stairwells are exposed to the elements. The sky bridge between the two forts is mostly gone.

The fortress has been abandoned for centuries now. Recent reports brought back from a northern traders state that this ruin may now be home to some sort of fur covered arctic humanoid.


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