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The Ruins of Korinav


This massive ruined castle is dominated by a single central obelisk shaped tower rising from the middle. This tower has many balconies, windows and projections. The ruins of this ancient fortress are mostly intact. Several huge cracks have separated the fortress into sections, splitting chambers and corridors. The central tower has several large holes where the inner corridors are exposed.


Korinav is located in the eastern foothills of the Sentinel Mountains near the border of Mercia. The ruins sit on the slopes of a low mountain overlooking a green valley. A road leads to up the mountainside to the ruin.

Known History

Korinav was once one of the greatest fortresses of the Thullian Empire. It was an anchor in the western reaches of the empire and stood as a bulwark during the Great War, supplying the border forts and keep that part of the empire strong. At the pinnacle of its life, it housed over 5000 soldiers and was the staging point for most major campaigns in the south.

The Ruins of Korinav Today

Extensive damage to the great castle, including cracks that go all the way to the foundation, have made repairs impossible. Rumors persist of a vampire that lives in the tower, though this is unsubstantiated.


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