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The Ruins of Katroda


The region known as the Border Clans is dotted with the ruins of the ancient Kithdari culture. Katroda is one of the largest and well known ruin sites. The term “Katroda” refers to both a great mountainous butte and the ruins within. The butte itself is more than 600 meters tall and 300 meters in diameter. A steep stone staircase rises up on one side of the butte to an opening in the side of the rockface. Within are dozens of chambers arranged in concentric circles and on multiple levels, forming a veritable labyrinth within. All of the chambers and corridors are arranged around a great central chamber at the heart of the mountain. Within that central chamber is the largest known Kithdari jumpgate. Little is known about Katroda as few have explored it. One report from an Anquar mage mentions active magical effects within, vast chambers fill with strange machinery and piping carrying magic infused gases.


Katroda is located at the very heart of the Border Clans betwen Anquar and the Padashan Empire.

Known History

Katroda is a Kithdari ruin. It houses the largest known jumpgate. Because of the strange arcane devices and phenonema inside, some scholars speculate that Katroda may have been a Kithdari arcane guild, a center of magical research or perhaps even a wizards’ school. In any case, few have ventured within and many of those never returned.

The Ruins of Katroda Today

Because the mandalar will attack anyone entering their territory, it is very difficult to reach this ruin, let alone enter and explore it. Very little is known about Katroda. It, along with many other Kithdari sites, likely hold treasure and magic.


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