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The Ruins of Iquro


The beautiful ruins of Iquro are a testament to the beauty and power of the Irenni League. An entire city of the Irenni is scattered upon the slopes of an island, spread out over some 40 acres. This breathtaking ruin boasts no less than 27 buildings and 14 statues that are mostly intact. It also has a number of fountains, arches, underground chambers, gates, cobblestone roads and walls. 


Iquro is built on tiers on the steep slopes of Mountain Top Isle in the Captured Sea. It was not originally a port city and so has no port, docks or wharfs of any kind. However, it is at sea level now and can easily be reached by boat. It likes on the northwest side of the island.

Known History

Iquro was the only major Irreni city that survived the devastating flooding that created the Captured Sea during the World Storm.

The Ruins of Iquro Today

The ruins of Iquro are claimed as a national historic monument by Arkalia. It is a veritable goldmine of Irenni archeological material. The site has been explored thoroughly by scholars and adventurers alike. Other than a source of academic interest, there is little of value here.


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