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The Ruins of Imratter


The ruin of Imratter Castle consists of several large broken towers, curtain walls and a central square stone keep. One of the round towers is partially buried, leaning at a severe angle with three intact floors. These ancient stones are choked with swamp weeds and grasses.


Imratter is located on a broad grassy green hill at the northern edge of the Stench Bog. It lies approximately 450 miles east of the city of Vogue.

Known History

Imratter was a major Traxxian castle and base of military power. It was house a Traxxian wizard's guild and several magical research labs. It was instrumental in the Great War.

The Ruins of Imratter Today

According to legend, Battledraught was developed at this location and there are those who believe that a copy of the original formula for Battledraught lies hidden somewhere within this ruin.


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