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The ruins of a once great city lie piled up the sides of the hills surrounding a small bay. A single great gate is the main entrance, or was at one time, but now there are many holes and breaks in the outer wall. There are several dozen remnants of buildings here. A number of underground chambers are burrowed into the sides of the hills.


The ruins of Gorethir are located on the west side of Midland.

Known History

This was once a trading post of the Thullian Empire. It was captured by Traxxian forces early in the Great War. Throughout the Great War, Gorethir was recaptured several times. Finally, it was captured by a renegade Traxxian sorcerer named Ordafar. Ordafar was an evil wizard, said to consort with demons and dabble in dark magic. He was killed during a botched summoning and the demon he was trying to summon ran rampant through the town killing anyone it could catch. The town was abandoned that night.

Gorethir Today

Since then, no government has attempted to claim Gorethir. Superstition and legend surround the island now. Ships stopping by Midland have run into dangerous animals on the island. Groups venturing into the ruins of Gorethir have not returned. Blood curdling screams have been heard coming from the ruins at night. Most mariners will not moor anywhere near Gorethir.


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