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Bafromar is a site of ruins of a great town from the Irenni League. It consists of about a dozen partially collapsed buildings and many fragments of walls and a great central tiled plaza.


The ruins of Bafromar are located in northeastern Vorrik, in the foothills of the Northern Tusks.

Known History

The town of Bafromar was famous as being the home of Antonikon the Clever, a mage and master of the bow who lived prior to the Great War. The stony shell of his tower, which overlooks the town, is still standing. Antonikin was famous for crafting some very well known magic bows and arrows which were used during the Great War. The most famous of these would be the Jhelquinn Arrows.

Bafromar Today

Treasure seekers have picked over the weathered grey stones of these ruined town. There is nothing of value left here.

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