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The Artisan's League 
of Vogue


Type of Organization


Type of Members

Bards, singers, sculptors, museum, curators, playwrights
Number of Members 125
Demographics Human 33%, Elven 25%, Grum 21%, Avarian, 9%, Dwarven 7%, Other 5%

Primary Location(s)



Lord Tethrin Bedar
Year Founded 2490 CY
Symbol Iconic representation of artist, art and audience.
Group Wealth Very Wealthy
Group Stability Very Stable

General Description

The Artisan's League is the largest and oldest guild of artists and musicians in the grand and cultured city of Vogue. Its ranks include artists, poets, sculptors, painters and a plethora of supporting nobles fawning over the latest "rising young artist". 

This club is only superficially about art. Over generations, it has become the defacto standard for elite social snobbery. Membership with this prestigious club is fought tooth and nail by middling barons and aristocrats hoping to elevate their social status.

This club is well known for art galleries, wine tastings museum openings, etc. Being a sponsor of the League is considered a requirement to be considered "noble".


The Artisan's League was formed when an art school, a nobleman and a playhouse united to advance the arts through organized meetings and standard policies.

Goals and Motivation

The Artisan's League seek to advance the arts in Vogue and neighboring states. This takes the form of soliciting contributions from wealthy benefactors and redistributing those funds to art schools, museums and the like. The leaders of the Artisan's League are proud of Vogue's reputation as a civilized city of art and culture and seek to keep the status quo.

Allies and Enemies

The Artisan's League works closely with the city government and various artists groups in Vogue. The league has no enemies (except for art thieves and counterfeiters).


Anyone with money or talent may be petitioned for a donation or invited to contribute work respectively. 

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

There is no formal rank structure within the Artisan's League. You're either a member, or you're not. The expectations of a member vary, however. Nobles are expected to give generous. Talented artists are expected to produce art, socialize at events, etc. Instead of formal rules, this is a group of shifting trends and currying favor. 




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