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The City of Visaal

Ruler Jhad Daheni ibn Senada
Population 28,400
Demographics Human (Padashani) 71%, Human (Southerner) 12%, Human (Anquaran) 4%, Mandalar 5%, Other 8%
Adjectival/Demonym Visaali/Visaali
Languages Padashi 70%, Southern 15%, Quaryn 5%, Mandalar 5%, Other 5%
Nationality The Great Padashan Empire
Year Founded 790 CY
Currency Padashi
Natural Resources Iron ore, copper, sandstone, gold, precious stones, marble, camels, nupar oxen, hamalka
Manufactured Goods Metal goods, weapons, armor, pottery, woven rugs, tapestries, tea, coffee, herbs, dates, almonds, figs, olives, garlic, potatoes, palm trees, upine trees
Wealth Wealthy
Walled Yes. Inner and outer stone curtain wall.
Crime Level Moderate
Technology Level Middle Ages
Primary Religion Hramish (Official State Religion)
Other Religion None
Climate Temperate to subtropical
Terrain Arid rocky hills and highlands
Province Imperial Province of Hirodatha



The town of Visaal is a major trade center built around a busy sea port. It also sits on the Great East Coast Road, a major trade road that runs from the southern city of Qazadeen to the capital city of Aramanda. Caravans pass through Visaal regularly, carrying iron ore and metal goods up from Qazadeen and food and textiles back south.

The town of Visaal enjoys enough rain to grow its own crops. It also fishes the waters of the bay heavily. Visaal has some mineral resources and carries on a number of crafts and trades. Ships laden with goods arrive in port to trade. All of this makes Visaal a wealthy and self-sufficient city.


Notable Guilds, Shops and Establishments

The Guild of the Crescent Moon

A number of economic guilds thrive in Visaal. Chief among these is the Guild of the Crescent Moon which handles imports and exports, but also acts as a coin changer, money lender and bank. Because of its extensive dealings with foreign ship captains and foreign goods, the Guild of the Crescent Moon gives much better exchange rates to outlanders than its smaller competitors.

The House of Seven Blossoms

A large and popular inn that serves meals, drinks and has two dozen rooms for rent. The place smells of jasmine, saffron, crocus and a dozen other pleasant fragrances. It was named for the seven daughters of the original founder some 100 years ago. The founder and his seven daughters are all gone now, but it is still owned and operated by Nassir and Yasneena, two great grandchildren of the original founder. Its main common room has many partitions and private side rooms. It is known for its very fine gramash.

Karzanath’s Shop of the Arcane

A small two story stone building crammed to the rafters with scrolls, books, maps, spell components, potions, charms, powders, alchemical equipment, dissected creatures and other fouler things. The proprietor, Karzanath, is a tall, thin man with a pointed beard and a permanent scowl. He is a skilled alchemist and sells all manner of alchemical ingredients, potions, salves, balms, poultices and such. He has a medicine for almost every conceivable ill. Karnath is also a collector of the curious, the arcane and the exotic. He has an extensive library and map collection. Karnath respects education and intelligence and likes wizards. He fancies himself quite erudite and can be manipulated with flattery that suggests such. This is the place to purchase spell components and the like. Karnath dislikes outlanders and those he considers of inferior intellect. He will often overcharge such individuals. There are also certain things in his collection that he will not sell to those he considers unworthy. Although he is loathe to admit it, Karnath is in love with Yasneena who works at the House of Seven Blossoms. He would go to great lengths to ingratiate himself with her.

The Nine Veils

A tavern which is also the base and headquarters of the Visaal thieves guild. Run by a guild master named Jormund.

Halls of Healing

A hospital connected to the Visaal Temple of Hram. The priests of Hram tend to the sick and wounded here using various healing herbs and medicines.

The Main Market Square

A huge hexagonal shaped plaza where buyers and sellers meet once a week. This market square sells everything from food to slaves.

The Tower of the Illustrious

The Illustrious is the name of the local wizard’s guild and this is their tower. It’s a small guild with only seven full members. However, it does have several apprentices and dozens of guards and servants. All of them live within the walls of this massive tower which is sixty feet across and eight stories tall. The front door is dominated by a massive copper face. If someone approaches the door, the eyes of the face will open and it will ask “Who comes to the Tower of the Illustrious?” The guild leader is Arshand the Magnificient.


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