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The City of Ankan

Ruler Jhad Shando Bahari
Population 31,000
Demographics Human (Padashani) 90%, Human (Juenta) 5%, Human (Southerner) 3%, Human (Anquaran) 1%, Other 1%
Adjectival/Demonym Ankani/Ankani
Languages Padashi 88%, Juenta 5%, Quaryn 3%, Southern 1%, Mandalar 1%, Other 1%
Nationality The Great Padashan Empire
Year Founded 811 CY
Currency Padashi
Natural Resources Iron ore, copper, sandstone, gold, precious stones, marble, camels, nupar oxen, hamalka
Manufactured Goods Metal goods, weapons, armor, pottery, woven rugs, tapestries, tea, coffee, herbs, dates, almonds, figs, olives, garlic, potatoes, palm trees, upine trees
Wealth Average
Walled No.
Crime Level Moderate
Technology Level Middle Ages
Primary Religion Hramish (Official State Religion)
Other Religion None
Climate Temperate to subtropical
Terrain Arid rocky hills and highlands
Province Imperial Province of Ofahalin



The town of Ankan lies at the southern most fork inthe Nupar River. It lies along the major trade road that runs from Aramanda, along the Nupar River, all the way to the town of Ikemar. Caravans travelling to and from Ikemar all pass through Ankan.

The town of Ankan does not get much rain and the region has poor soil. Crops are irrigated from the river. Even so, the city depends on fish from the river to supplement what is grown. There are numerous mining villages in the hills to the south and Ankan which ship raw ore up to Ankan.


Notable Guilds, Shops and Establishments

The Wilted Rose
Tavern - A cover for the local thieves guild.

The Fire Cactus
Tavern - Stairs lead down to a large circular room with a circular bar at the center. The barkeep is a fat, middle aged woman.


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