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Padashan Music

Music is the Padashi culture is important and central in religious and secular activities. There is no formal musical notation system in Padashan. Rather, songs and skills are passed down through the generations in a form of "aural" tradition. Common musical instruments include lyres, harps, flutes, pipes, primitive horns, drums and cymbals. Padashi music is based largely on variation and improvisation of and upon a central theme. The central theme is usually built up with drums and lyres. On this framework, the performers build a sequence of unharmonized melodies, varying the original rhythm and improvising new ones.

A performance of traditional Padashi music involves a great deal of interaction between the listeners and the performers.  In Padashan, it is considered proper to clap, sing along, dance and make requests for the performer to repeat sections of the piece, even during the performance. A ten minute song may turn into a half hour celebration of drums and dance as the musicians repeat and embellish the central theme. A silent audience is seen by many musicians as disapproving while a responsive audience is rewarded.

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