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The Lady on the Water

"Going to Drakkel? Ride the river in ease and luxury! Ride the Lady on the Water" 


The Lady on the Water is a magnificent, multi-deck river boat that travels up and down the Merchant's Highway river. It travels throughout theDrakkellian Alliance, from the cities of Drakkel and Ithell and stopping at dozens of towns and villages along the way.

The Lady on the Water is 55 meters long (180 feet), 20 meters wide (65 feet) and three stories tall. However, because of its very shallow draft, it is able to travel through even the shallowest parts of the river, reaching all the way to Ithell.

The boat is sturdily built, well appointed and elaborately decorated. The hall, deck and walls are brightly colored. The boat is trimmed in wood carvings. Most metal fixtures are polished brass. The boat has four common rooms, fifteen private rooms, four suites, three cargo holds, a gambling hall that serves food and drink, a small stage and a lounge. On a typical voyage, it will be carrying anywhere from 75 to 100 people and a handful of horses, wagons and miscellaneous cargo.

The river boat is propelled by a large water wheel which is powered by magic. It takes the river barge 3 days and 2 nights to complete the journey between Drakkel and Ithell which is faster than a horsed rider can make the journey. Beyond it's speed, many people also prefer to travel in the comfort and luxury the riverboat provides.


Passage for one person 3 silver pieces
Passage for one horse 6 silver pieces
Passage for one wagon/cart or other large object 1 gold piece
Private room 5 gold pieces
Suite 25 gold pieces

Basic passage includes the option to sleep in one of the four common rooms which each contain about twenty cots.


The vessel is privately owned and operated by Captain Andrekus, a pot bellied balding human male who smells of liquor. His first officer is a tall human man named Vilmur who relays orders to the crew and takes care of daily operations. The security chief is a half ogre named Azgar. The boat is kept in working order by a sorceress named Pavonai. She is short and plump with a mop of curly red hair and a cheery nature. She specializes in elemental magic and it is her spells that keep the water wheel turning. She and the captain are husband and wife.

In addition to these four officers, the boat is run by a crew of 14 including a chef, a barber, a minstrel, two laborers, two guards and six servants and a carpenter.

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