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The Village of Lestreanne

Location South edge of Arkalia
Population 780


The Village of Lestreanne is a small farming community on the south border of Arkalia. Approximately 120 families live in this community. Most are related to one of the six brothers from the founding family.

Village is named after a woman, though legends vary about who the woman was. Some say the wife of one of the six brothers. Others say a witch.

Notable Establishments

The Six Feathers Inn

The only inn of the village. This small establishment has six private rooms for rent, stables and a small common room for meals. It is run by the Clavin family - Junar Clevin, his wife and five children. The inn is named for the six brothers of the family that founded the village generations ago.

Hammer and Tongs

A small smithy run by Jergaus, a dwargrum with a patch of one eye, a wicked sense of humor and a keen mind. Besides plows and horseshoes, he repairs weapons and armor for passing caravan guards.

Heinrich Farm

Large farm, with several orchards and vineyard. Family makes a good wine and sells it at the inn and to passing caravans.

Shrine to Barrinor

A small shrine tended to be a single priest.

Village concept and map by Timothy Morgan.