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The Legend of the Shard Wastelands

The Shard Wastelands is a desolate region in the extreme northwest. It is known for a peculiar geological phenomenon, the Shards. Throughout the entire region, thousands of razor sharp shards of mineral growth pierce the ground. These stony shards, composed of Kellanite, vary in size from a dagger blade to a great lance.

None know exactly how the Wastelands came into being. But there is a legend… During the Great War there were two wizards, named Kadin and Sorov. These two powerful sorcerers were arch enemies and had been from their earliest days as apprentices. They fought on opposing sides of the war and their hatred for each other was deep. Seeing what their personal war was doing to people around them, Kadin decided to challenge Sorov to one final confrontation far from the realms. Sorov, an arrogant wizard completely convinced of the superiority of his magic, accepted the challenge. The two wizards agreed to meet in a valley in the far northwest.

In this remote region, Sorov arrived wearing magical robes, a cloak that allowed flight, boots of magical stealth, three magical wands, two rings and a staff that he had crafted himself.

Kadin strode into the valley wearing plate armor and a heavy mace. Sorov laughed derisively at what he mistook for cowardice and began walking toward Kadin chanting the words that would summon the mystical energies to him. Kadin only smiled and leaned casually against his mace. This infuriated Sorov and he hurled his most destructive spell at the armor clad mage. The magic formed great spheres of roaring fires which flew with great speed toward Kadin. But before the magic took him, something strange happened. Dozens of stony shards erupted from the ground between the two mages, following the flight of the fireballs. The balls of fire shredded in mid air and the flames were sucked into the shards of the ground. Only a breath of warm air reached Kadin. Sorov gaped in awe at the spectacle. With renewed anger, he flung lightning and thunder from his hands, but again the energy of the spell was pulled into the shards by some unseen force. The shards grew in number and size as their consumed the lightning. Sorov threw spell after spell, but to no available. As Sorov struggled against the magic eating shards, Kadin casually hoisted his mace over one shoulder and strode over to the desperate Sorov. Seeing the armored mage coming, Sorov attempted to leap into the air with his cloak of flying. But after a moment in the air, the cloak lost some unseen tug of war with the shards and Sorov fell to the ground. Kadin reached Sorov, looked down at the evil mage that had caused so many problems during the war, and proceeded to beat him with the mace. The actual battle was quite short and Kadin returned with Sorov's head in a bag.

It was told that Kadin had created the shards by his own invention, though any specifics of the spell have been lost to antiquity. Over the years, the shards have absorbed the light of the suns and grown and spread and flourished. All that remains is a plain of shards. They no longer consume spells as they did when first created.


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