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Pugnar is spoken by dozens of different pugnar tribes and each has its own subtle variation on the core Pugnar language. However, all tribal dialects are extremely similar and pugnar speakers from different tribes or regions will have no trouble understanding each other.


Pugnar shares similarities to Sybrenar, Hyttar and Magrakian (as all four languages are from the same root language). In particular, Pugnar and Hyttar share a great deal in common, leading many scholars to classify it as derived from Hyttar. Pugnar words are formed from throaty rumblings, sharp barks, growls, snorts and similar sounds which are shaped by consonants. Pugnar has a distinct bah-rah-kah sound to it.


Pugnar is based on the same 47 letters alphabet used by Sybrenar and the other western languages which all descended from the Kytai alphabet of old. The pugnar language is usually not written except by pugnar chieftains and shamans.


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