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Sojourn's End

Sojourn's End is the largest festival in Aerith. This massive fair is held every year in late summer on Magesway 7, the anniversary of the end of the Great Sojourn of renegade General Kraukor and the founding of the nation of Vorrik.

The highlight of the Sojourn's End Festival is the military parade. A great column of foot soldiers, cavalry, siege engines, archers and knights thunder through the cobblestone streets of the city along the main roads. Their journey takes them from the South Gate through the heart of the city, past the Royal Palace, the War Ground and the Sojourn's End Monument and ending at the city docks. It is in this great military procession that the true might of Vorrik is felt. Hundreds of knights on horses and hundreds of beaten drums are enough to shake the very ground underfoot.

Other festivities all have a military ring to them: mock battles at the arena, archery contests, duels and criminal executions. The auction blocks and market places are filled with throngs of festival goers.


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