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The Little Kettle


Many years ago, there was a famous tavern and inn named Sargosa, after the owner and proprietor. It was a popular and expensive place that catered to those of civility and was frequented by nobles. Housed in an ancient stone three story building, It was known throughout the city and beyond for exceptional food. The name of Sargosa was famous in Corvenia. In particular, Sargosa's siganture dish was his own unique twist on the traditional Corvenian dish of kijara. Nobles, travellers and even chefs would come from far and wide to sample the famous Sargosa's Kijara. It was a culinary experience not to be missed and the recipe for this dish was a jealously guarded secret and a hotly debated topic in Zesrun.

When Sargosa's health declined, he decided to retire. Having lost his wife long ago and having no siblings, the business would would pass to his children. However, Sargosas two children, a son and daughter, had never gotten along well. Indeed, they publicly declared that they could never work together. Regular patrons of the restaurant were afraid that when Sargosa retired that the business would fail in the hands of the two squabbling siblings and be lost. Therefore, Sargosa did the only thing he could do... he divided his legacy between the two. To his daughter, he left the great building itself. To his son, he left the name of Sargosa's along with the recipe for Sargosa's Kijara. He also divided his wealth between the two. Some say that his daughter got more than her fair share. In any case, Sargosa retired and the city of Zesrun looked forward to soon having TWO establishments that could claim the heritage of Sargosa's.

When the heritage was first split, Andina and Harrick argued and fought, both in person and by messenger. They both worked hard to establish their taverns as THE place to eat in the city of Zesrun and both taverns were soon operational. Soon after the Little Kettle was open for business, Andina sent over a troupe to Harrick’s new tavern. The troupe included acrobat performers, jesters, magicians and so on who put on quite a show as the travelled across town. When the troupe finally arrived at Harrick’s, they had a crowd of spectators. The performers set out a spread of all the new dishes and drinks being offered by the Little Kettle. A herald spoke at length for the benefit of the crowd while dishes were dramatically unveiled for the employees and patrons of Harrick's tavern. It was a spectacular and lavish affair.

The next day, Harrick sent a messenger to the Little Kettle bearing a small package. Andina, with her employees and guests gathered around her, opened the box up and found inside... a single cup of Sargosa’s Kijara. Andina flew into a sputtering rage and has not spoken to her brother since.

As can be imagined, a spectacular rivalry has blossomed between the Little Kettle and the new Sargosa's. The hatred between Andina and Harrick has only grown stronger over the years and they refuse even to speak of one another. These two taverns are constantly trying to outdo one another and steal customers from the other. No ploy is too deceitful. It is likely that Harrick, the brother, plots to one day retake the original building. Likewise, Andina, the sister, no doubt desires to obtain a copy of the recipe for Sargosa's Kijara. All manner of intrigue and espionage likely occurs between these two innocent looking taverns. Both Andina and Harrick have hired thieves, thugs, warriors, alchemists and wizards in various plots to obtain what they desire. Both have spies among the clientele of their rival. Neither one has hired an assassin yet, but that may only be a matter of time.

The Little Kettle Tavern Today

The daughter, Andina, renamed Sargosa's tavern to the Little Kettle (which was Sargosa's pet name for her). Although the building is the same, there have been a number of changes. The name has been changed, the menu has been altered and despite her best efforts, she cannot capture the culinary excellence of her father. Though, Andina and her three chefs do an admirable job. Despite this, the Little Kettle still does a brisk business with many customers from the old days who feel that they do honor to Sargosa. The Little Kettle has 10 private rooms for rent that are all large and clean and well appointed. There is a huge central dining hall, an enormous kitchen, countless store rooms and a staff of 14, most of whom live with Andina in the top level.

The Building

The Little Kettle inhabits the same old building that the original Sargosa's once occupied. It is a 400 year old structure of solid granite stones and ancient timber beams. The building is three stories tall with a number of balconies and a heavy roof of dark grey clay tiles, many of them cracked. Four great chimneys sprout from the roof and churn out smoke throughout the cold winter. Some of the stone work exhibits dwarven characteristics.

A huge copper kettle is the symbol of the tavern and is worked into the sign that hangs above the main door. A number of decorative kettles adorn the main dining room.

The Employees

Andina, the Owner and Proprietor

Andina is the daughter of Sargosa. She is average height and weight, brown hair and vibrant green eyes. She has a temper, but most of her anger is directed at her brother and his rival establishment. She treats her employees well and always has a ready smile for her guests.

Kaiden, the Administrator

Kaidan is an elderly dwarf male who handles the paperwork, city taxes and administration. He was an old friend of Sargosa, having served with him in a militia years ago. Sargosa even saved Kaiden's life once. Years later, Kaiden helped Sargosa renovate the building and build the original Sargosa's. Dwarven influence can be seen in much of the stone work and architecture. Kaidan is very fond of Andina and their relationship is much like niece and uncle. It was, in fact, Kaidan's suggestion for Sargosa to split his fortune between the quarreling siblings in the way that he did. Kaiden is fond of Andina and the building he helped restore and decided to stay to help.

Jurastel, The Master Chef

Jurastel is a tall and slender man with a shock of black hair, a neatly trimmed beard and intense black eyes. He is a native corvenian who studied the culinary arts in Vogue for several years. Now back in his homeland, he has accepted the challenge of making the Little Kettle an even more celebrated establishment than the original Sargosa's was. He uses magic extensively to alter and enhance the flavor of foods. Having three assistant chefs allows him to concentrate on some of the more complicated dishes.

Mirek, Yusta and Bek- The Assistant Chefs

These three assist Jurastel in the kitchen. Mirek, a half elven woman, handles the majority of side dishes and sauces. Yusta, a human man, bakes fresh bread every day and makes a variety of sweets and baked goods. Bek, an older human man, is the butcher who handles meats and fish.

Annya, Casseria and Dalari - The Barmaids

The dining hall guests are greeted and served by three young woman. Annya is a tall red haired woman with poise and grace. She is the leader of the three. Casseria is short, curvy and dark but full of life with a bewitching smile. She flirts with every many in the place and beds a few of them when she can. Both Annya and Casseria are full blooded Corvenians and have the gift of magic. Annya uses hers to help keep the drinks flowing smoothly, the place clean and the food hot. Casseria, however, uses her magic to play tricks, entertain and flirt. Finally, Dalari is a dark skinned southerner with mixed blood. As such she has no corvenian magic. She is a heavyset girl, but has a few admirers. She also has a beautiful voice and occasionally sings to entertain guests.

Eryna and Belle- The Maids

Two sisters, Eryna and Belle, work each day to clean the various rooms of the establishment. Both are half corvenian and so have a little magical ability... just enough to aid in their daily chores.

Taibor - The Security Chief

Taibor is a tall human man with a head of thick brown hair and a trimmed beard. He is surprisingly articulate and well spoken for a warrior, but he always seems to be scowling and even his most pleasant remarks seem to have an underlying threat beneath the surface. He lives at the inn and can be found in the dining hall on most evenings. He wears a heavy grey cloak with a large copper pendant clasp. He is never without his blades. Because this establishment caters to a higher class of guest, there is rarely, if ever, a disturbance. Still there are many guests who feel put at ease that their belongings and themselves are being watched over by this stern warrior. Although he is corvenian, he devoted himself to mastering weapons and war, rather than magic.

Sawtooth - The Groundskeeper

A dwargrum who is proud of both his dwarven and grumman cultures. He combines dwarven craftmenship and ingenuity with grumman spirit and friendliness. Sawtooth is always working on repairing something in or on the Little Kettle. It is not unusual to find him on the roof replacing shingles or under the floorboards He talks constantly and never seems to sleep.

Samgil - The Stablehand

A young corvenian man who has a strong affinity for animals. He uses his corvenian gift to calm horses and speak with other animals. In addition to tending all the horses and feeding the animals, he tends a small garden at the back of the inn and grows fresh vegetables for Mirek (whom he is secretly in love with).



The Menu

The Little Kettle offers actual paper menus that are typically updated to coincide with whatever Jurastel prepares that week. Below are some of the main items that are often featured on the menu.

Kettle Kijara - This is Jurastel's interpretation of the famous corvenian beef and yam stew.

Spiced Goose - Goose breast meat with a strongly spiced sauce made of mustard, vinegar, rosemary, sage and thyme.

Capons - Stewed in a white broth of wine and butter.

Lamb Shank - Baked and served with salted bacon, onions, garlic, carrots and green beans.

Grilled Salmon - Stuffed with wild mushrooms

Eel Stew - Another traditional Corvenian dish that dates back centuries. This is a hearty and thick brown stew made primarily from eel and eggs, served on toasted rye bread.

Cheese plate - Thick slices of honey sweetened wheat bread, slabs of butter and several local corvenian cheeses.

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