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Age 24
Race Human
Height 1.6 meters (5 ft 3 in)
Weight 80 kilograms (176 lb)
Gender Male
Hair Style Short, clean shaven.. 
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Distinguishing Marks None
Typical Clothing Tan tunic over a yellow shirt
Notable Equipment None.
Profession Thief
Chief Location Vorrik and, in particular, the capital city of Aerith.
Affiliations The Ravens.
Languages Vorrikan, Northern
Skills Stealth, Blind-fighting, Sword fighting, Unarmed Combat, Picking pockets


Vaughn is a young thief who recently joined the ranks of the Ravens. The most remarkable thing about Vaughn is that he is completely blind and has been since birth. He has learned to navigate his environment by making a slight clicking sound with his tongue and listening for the echoes. The "shadow your voice makes" is what he callls it and he's gotten quite good at it.

Physical Appearance

Vaughn is a human male of slight build and modest height. He has short, straight brown hair and is clean shave. He typically wears a hooded tan tunic.


Like most Ravens, Vaughn is young and reckless, eager for adventure. He has a tendency to overcompensate for his blindness and is eager to prove himself. He has a chip on his shoulder regarding his lack of sight and will never tolerate the idea that there is anything he can't do. He has devoted himself to mastering blind fighting and moving about his environment unhindered.The slightest perceived insult regarding his blindness is met with anger and aggression. This has resulted in crossed blades, bloodshed and lost friends on more than one occasion.

Notable Skills

Vaughn has perfected blind fighting and can find a sighted opponent surprisingly well. He uses echolocation to find his way around and sense his surroundings. He is a master at stealth and can move with absolute silence. He is a surprisingly good pickpocket. He often pretends to be a poor, bumbling blind person and bump into people on the street, often making off with a coin pouch in the process. He is less skilled with traps and locks.


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