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Sir Albert Myrasen

Age 62 Hair Style Short and neatly trimmed 
Race Human Hair Color Grey and white
Height 1.87m (6' 2") Eye Color Grey
Weight 80 kg (176 lbs) Distinguishing Marks None
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Fine clothing, ash walking stick..

Profession Leader of the Technomancers and Prime Minister of Kalimura
Chief Location Capital city of Orrojek in Kalimura
Affiliations Technomancers
Languages Southern, Dwarven, Drakkellin, Elvish
Skills Metalcraft, Stonecraft, Carpentry, Engineering, Diplomacy, Etiquette, Gaming, Riding

Sir Albert Myrasen

General Description

Sir Albert Myrasen is the prime minister of Kalimura. He is a devout technomancer and passionate about the Kalimuran philosophy. He rules all of Kalimura, but is politically balanced with a council. 

Physical Appearance

Myrasen is a tall, thin man with thinning, short cropped grey hair and angular features. His face is clean shaven and usually set in a stern, disciplined scowl. He tends to wear expensive clothing. Sir Myrasen has a limp and walks with the aid of a finely crafted ash walking stick. It is stained, intricately carved and capped in gold and a ruby. 


Myrasen is a very anal-retentive man. He is obsessed with neatness and order. He walks the same route to work every day, eats the same lunch and organizes his clothing by color and function. His penmanship is immaculate and his office is a miracle of efficiency. He simply cannot abide sloppiness or waste in any form and will go far out of his way to stamp out such things. He has even been known to get down and his hands and knees to scrub a stubborn stain. 


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