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Age 62 Hair Style Long hair worn in a single braid with a short, thick beard
Race Human Hair Color Grey
Height 1.91 meters (6'3") Eye Color Pale blue
Weight 82.5 kilograms (182 lb) Distinguishing Marks None...
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment A heavy long coat. Cutlass. 

Profession Captain of the Rolling Wake, a freetrader vessel out of Stovikar
Chief Location Can be found throughout the south seas, ranging from Kalimura to Ormek.
Affiliations None.
Languages Southern, Drakkellin, Ogrish, Orcish
Skills Seamanship, Navigation, Boating, Rope Use, Sword Combat, Bartering and Trading


Gunderson is an old salty seadog who is well known by the sailors of the southern coast. His ship moors in the harbor district of Stovikar when he's not on the high seas. Gunderson is an old captain and greatly respected by experienced mariners.

Gunderson has made a career of making long voyages to distant Aggradar and Qeshir and bringing back rare and exotic cargos. His reputation among mariners is that he is absolutely fearless on the sea. He has sailed further and weathered more  than any captain alive. He knows more of the three continents and the waters between than anyone. 

Physical Appearance

Gunderson is a tall, lean man of advanced years. He has shoulder length, wavy gray locks which he wears loose or in a single braid. He sports a thick mustache and is typically scruffy and unshaven. His overall appearance is somewhat unkempt. His blue eyes are usually set in a squint against the harsh outdoor sun. His skin is sun browned, leathery and wrinkled. He wears a long coat in cold weather.


Some might describe him as ornery, stubborn and blunt. They would be right. Gunderson is gregarious and bold. He barks out his commands, bursts with laughter and slams the table to emphasis his points. Gunderson has no tolerance for landlubbers and treats greenhorns with contempt. He is a great storyteller and has many stories to tell.

Notable Skills

Seamanship, Navigation, Sword Combat, 


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