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Age 49
Race Human
Height 1.83 meters (6 ft)
Weight 80 kilograms (187 lb)
Gender Male
Hair Style Short and curly. 
Hair Color Grey and brown
Eye Color Blue
Distinguishing Marks None
Typical Clothing Grey blue cloak.
Notable Equipment Long sword.
Profession Master thief.
Chief Location Vorrik and, in particular, the capital city of Aerith.
Affiliations The Guild of Shadows.
Languages Vorrikan, Northern, Irenni, Orcish, Ogrish plus various thieves cants and silent hand codes
Skills Sword combat, Stealth, Tracking, Lock picking, Climbing Walls


Gedron is a thief whose fame is spread throughout his homeland of Vorrik and beyond. He is one of the most renowned members of the Guild of Shadows and tales of his skills and exploits have achieved near legendary status. Such a history has earned him the  titles of "Sire of Shadows" and "Gedron the Unseen" Gedron has had a long and illustrious career which spans three decades. He has seen and done it all. He has been a thorn in the side of the authorities for far too long and there is now a reward of 5,000 gold coins for his capture.

Those seeking to claim that prize may find it difficult. Two months ago, Gedron vanished without a trace. The authorities have lost track of him and rumors are circulating that he is dead. However, no body has been found. No one, not even the Guild of Shadows, knows what has become of Gedron, the Sire of Shadows. 

Physical Appearance

Gedron is a handsome man of average build. His hair is short, thick and curly. Mostly brown, it is now turning grey with age. He often sports a beard. He has blue eyes that flash with intelligence. Gedron is typically dressed in well-worn tunic, leather vest, leather boots and dark grey cloak. His overall appearance allows him to blend into a city crowd and melt away.

Gedron speaks with slight accent that is hard to place - a blend of accents from a well traveled man. His voice is deep and his manner is one of ease and confidence.


Gedron is a smart thief. It's his quick wits and sharp mind that have kept him alive for so long. He believes in being well prepared. He believes in studying a "mark" before moving in for the crime. Gedron enjoys the hunt (both being the hunter and the hunted) as much as the crime. He likes to play games with those he robs and those who attempt to bring him to justice.

Gedron is not a bloodthirsty bandit and avoids killing whenever he can. However, when it is necessary, he strikes where it counts (usually from the shadows) and makes sure that he leaves no witnesses.  

Notable Skills

Gedron is a master thief and has all the skills that one would expect with such a title. He is an expert at stealth and evasion, blade combat and blind fighting. He is also quite skilled at defeating or overcoming security measures (which includes everything from climbing walls to disarming locks). He speaks Northern, Southern, Rukemian and a smattering of dwarven. Although he has no formal training, he knows just enough about magic that he can usually sniff out an enchanted item and fence it for a good price.


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