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Age 44
Race Human
Height 1.7 meters (5 ft 7 in)
Weight 123 kilograms (271 lb)
Gender Male
Hair Style Wavy hair, bushy beard. 
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Grey
Distinguishing Marks None
Typical Clothing Tan tunic over a dark grey shirt
Notable Equipment Embroided sash and a wide red belt.
Profession Thief and fence.
Chief Location Vorrik and, in particular, the capital city of Aerith.
Affiliations None.
Languages Vorrikan, Northern
Skills Pick Pocket, Stealth, Disarm Device, Singing, Deception, Diplomacy, Disguise, Local Knowledge - Aerith, Oration, Streetwise, Trading, Appraisal


Borsel is a well known and well liked independent thief and fence in the underworld of Aerith. He owes allegiance to no group, but often works with and knows many members of the Guild of Shadows, the Ravens and several other groups.

Physical Appearance

Borsel is a heavset human male with thick wavy blond hair and a short bushy beard. He has a large belly, and his tendency to wear several layers increases his girth. He usually wears an trimmed tunic, belted at the waist with a broad red leather belt, over a grey shirt with billowy sleeves. He also wears a pair of enormous leather boots.


Borsel is likeable, charming, cheerful and extremely friendly with a frequent smile and quick wit. He loves to drink, laugh, sing and talk. Borsel is a heavy drinker and spends much of his time in various taverns around Aerith. He loves a good story and enjoys singing songs with his fellow bar patrons. He can be bribed with a bottle of good drink. Borsel knows a great many people and is on friendly terms with many thieves in the city. He works with different groups, always managing to stay on good terms with everyone.

Borsel has had a few unfortunate encounters with magic, in particular, a nasty curse bestowed upon him by an enchanted medallion that left him blind for awhile. Although his sight was restored and he is fully recovered, Borsel is now very wary of magic and is hesitant to use or touch magic items.

Notable Skills

Borsel is a good thief in his own right, but an even better fence. He makes most of his money by helping find the right buyer for a stolen item. He has a knack for sizing up the value of a treasure and usually knows exactly what it's worth and who can pay. He is an expert barterer and has a way with words. He is a master negotiator and usually walks away with the better end of a deal. He is skilled at judging people and can sway an audience of one or fifty with his words. He is a master story tell and can enthrall a table full of fellow thieves. Despite his profession and profit driven motives, he is a kind hearted soul who tips generously, lends money to friends and will often cut his fee in half for a young thief who is just starting out. He is not a skilled fighter and will use words and wit to avoid a fight. He can often rely on friends in the tavern to come to his aid, as well. If hard pressed, he has a short sword and dagger and will defend himself.


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