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Lord Vurai Bodikur

Age 130 Hair Style Long and loose. 
Race Elf Hair Color Blonde
Height 1.5 meters (4'11") Eye Color Grey-Blue
Weight 47 kg (103 lb) Distinguishing Marks None.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Well cut expensive noble's robes.

Profession Mayor of the Free City of Ithell
Chief Location Ithell
Affiliations None.
Languages Southern, Northern, Elvish, Dwarven, Drakkellin
Skills Diplomacy, Etiquette, Bluffing, Spellcraft, Gaming (especially Chess), Arcana, Religion, History, Politics


Lord Vurai Bodikur is the current ruler of the free city of Ithell. As the leader of the largest free city in all of Ithria, he bears a tremendous responsibility.

Vurai was born in Erencil, Cyrell, a notable woodland elf community. He was born of a human mother and an elven father. Vurai grew up in the high class of society. His family was wealthy as his father was a luxury longbow maker. Vurai's mother did not work as she stayed home with Vurai and his three other older brothers. When Vurai was ready for schooling, he was sent to a school in Laris where he studied spell craft, arcana, religion, history, and politics. In his free time, Vurai was fortunate to have his brothers teach him essential skills, like etiquette, which he did not learn in school. It was from these companions that Vurai learned the game of chess. When the young half- elf became of age, he moved to Ithell in search of adventure.

Upon arriving to the bustling city, Vurai noticed it was much different from his hometown. He noticed the ruling system was different being a free city. The government was stable and the city had a good source of income, but at that time, the wealth was unevenly spread. Vurai wanted it to change. Over the years, he slowly made his way up the social ladder with donations to the right people and gifts of his father's famous longbows. When Vurai was 100, adult by elven standards, he got a job as the junior undersecretary to the mayor. Over the next two decades he worked in several increasingly powerful positions in the government and making social contacts until, in 2707 CY, he won a position on the High Council. Vurai ran for mayor the following year after a stressful, heated argument with the current mayor. To his surprise and to the surprise of many others, the half-elf won support from both elven and human groups. This relative unknown half breed from Cyrell struck a chord with many factions in the city and won the council's vote.

He has served the city well for 8 years and is now early in his second term. In that time, Lord Bodikur has earned his many titles. He is now known as the Protector of the City of Splendor, the Marshall of the Free West and the Master of the Trader's Road.

Physical Appearance

Despite his long years, he is young for an elf and his boyish good looks make him appear to be much too young to be leading a great city.  Bodikur is abnormally tall for an elf (1.6 meters tall) with watery grey-blue eyes and a mane of tangled blonde/brown hair. His oval face is somewhat pale (too many hours spent indoors) and sports an oddly crooked nose. He wears well cut but conservative clothing, typically greys and blues. He is fond of silver jewelry and often sports an earring, necklace or bracelet.


Bodikur is an intense young man of restrained emotions. He is subject to mood swings and will often retreat into private quarters for days at a time or become lost in his work. He is an avid chess player and fancies himself a master of the game, though true masters know his skill is somewhat lacking. Whenever a known master of the game visits the city, he will seek out the person and request a game. Chess is so important to him that he will often put  important city work aside to finish a game.

Notable Skills

Lord Bodikur is a man of many skills. When so required, he can prove to be an eloquent speaker and a cunning debater. As mentioned earlier, he is a very good chess player, but not yet a master. Vurai is not only a patron of the university but also an alumni. When there, he studied government, administration, history, metaphysics, linguistics. 


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